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Since more than 60 percent of sport injuries occur during practice, coaches need to know how to respond to injuries and provide appropriate first aid. Under the direction of the United States Olympic Committee, the Red Cross Sport Safety Course was created to teach school and club sport coaches how to be safe, capable, and effective first responders to injured athletes. During this Gym.Net course, coaches learn to develop a plan for emergency procedures, reduce the number of avoidable injuries, recognize serious and minor injuries; provide proper, immediate care for common sports injuries, and respond to life-threatening emergencies.

Take TIME OUT to Protect your athletes!

USOC / Red Cross Sport Safety Program

An injured athlete is every coach's fear. Whether you're working with children or coaching this country's elite athletes, you feel responsible for making sure your athletes are safe in practice and in competition.

But sports-related injuries can and do occur. Your best defense against injury is a good offense -- and that means being prepared.

Now, there's a course to help you prevent, prepare for, and respond to sports-related injuries and emergencies.... Sport Safety Training.

Team Up with the leaders in sport safety training.

The American Red Cross and the United States Olympic Committee have joined forces to develop an exciting course specifically for coaches like you -- coaches who want to keep their athletes safe.

The goals of Sport Safety Training are simple:

  • To keep athletes safer
  • To enable coaches to prevent, prepare for, and respond to sports-related injuries
  • To raise awareness of safety issues in athletes
  • To provide an atmosphere in which athletes can train and compete with the confidence that their coach has taken a sport safety course

Be part of a WINNING program:

Sport Safety Training provides coaches with the basic first aid skills and knowledge needed to care for athletic injuries.

This 6 1/2 to 7 hour course features video and classroom instruction -- plus a handy reference book to use and keep with you during competition and practices.

The course covers

  • sports-related injury prevention

  • first aid care

  • adult CPR

  • child CPR (optional)

Course Workbook:

    Sports Safety Workbook

    96 pages, 91 illustrations

    The in-class workbook has large, easy-to-read skill sheets and in-class activities.

Quick-Reference Handbook:

    Sport Safety Handbook

    192 pages, 105 illustrations

    This full-color, spiral bound handbook contains injury prevention material and a step-by-step first-aid section which shows how to treat injuries until help arrives.

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